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It’s Been 125 Days Since Our Lives Changed Forever—What Does It All Mean for Communicators?

When my agency released our annual Red Sky Predictions report at the end of February, I couldn’t know how prescient two of the 2020 predictions would be. We forecast not only that brands would be anchoring themselves in purpose like never before but also that they would be increasingly put in the uncomfortable position of having to articulate their political and social values to their customers.

Live from the Roundtable: Crisis Communication in Practice

Last week, Redsters Linda Descano and Lesley Sillaman joined crisis and leadership experts for the third part of a panel discussion about leadership in crisis.

Mind Your C’s: Tips for Effective Crisis Communications

As we explored in our recent white paper, Leading Through Crisis: Communications Lessons and Opportunities, the content of what you communicate during difficult times is critical, but the tone of those messages is as important as what’s said.

10 Tips from Expert Communicators on Leading Through Crisis

Earlier this month, we sat down with experts in communications, media and leadership in a two-part webcast hosted by Dino Delic of Meltwater to explore the seven principles of effective communications. Here, we explore highlights from our conversation that touch on these and related leadership themes.