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How Condé Nast, Google, Coca-Cola and Other Top Companies Are Applying AI

Until recently, the role that artificial intelligence would play within major companies remained largely uncertain—a concern for the future. But AI is no longer the sci-fi-loving step-cousin twice removed. It is now the hero child that’s been entrusted with powering many brands into their next chapter.

Top-of-Mind Tuesday with CMO Megan Rokosh

This week, Megan Rokosh, global CMO for Red Havas and Havas Health & You, told us what she’s been reading, browsing online, watching on TV, doing to stay inspired and more.

Happily Ever After? 6 Things to Know About Love in the Digital Age

To explore the difficulties of love, romance, sex and dating in the digital era, Havas Group fielded a survey in the first quarter of 2019 to roughly 17,400 people ages 13-plus in 37 countries, with a focus on Prosumers, the leading-edge influencers and market drivers whom Havas has been tracking for more than 15 years.

What Is Merged Media? It’s the Future of PR

The lines of communications—earned, owned, shared and paid—aren’t just crossing. They’re merging. More than 60 percent of public relations leaders, CEOs and students surveyed in 2019 say that within five years the average person will not be able to make a distinction between paid, earned, shared and owned media when consuming information.