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Loyalty in the Workplace: Can Going All in Help You from Missing Out?

by Melissa Rieger, vice president, Red Havas With its charming way of parodying workplace culture, it’s no surprise that The Office is one of the highest-rated television sitcoms of all time. As a long-time fan, I’ve heard quite a bit of chatter about the show over the years. (Admit it—you’ve quoted it yourself once or…

Top-Of-Mind Tuesday with Audrey Arbogast

This week, Audrey Arbogast, a senior account executive in our Phoenix office, told us what she’s been into lately.

Antonio Brown Controversy Reveals the Power—and Ethical Gray Areas—of Social Media

My colleagues and peers take pride in being ethical and communicating honestly. It is a commitment we take very seriously. That is what disturbs me about the actions taken by the social media consultants who advised Antonio Brown.

Listen to James Wright on PR Council’s ‘Agencies of the Future’ Podcast

As an agency, how do we help clients navigate the modern media landscape? Borderless
ideas are key, says Red Havas Global CEO James Wright, whose episode of the PR
Council’s “Agencies of the Future” podcast aired today.