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COVID-19’s Impact on Sustainability: 3 Trends in Media Coverage

Had this past April been an ordinary April, the news media would have likely done its usual flurry of Earth Month—and Earth Day—coverage. Sustainability experts would have worked to achieve news coverage that explored progress to date and helped set the agenda for the future.

Red Havas Launches Red Rapid Recovery Program to Help Clients Navigate COVID-19 Communications

Global Merged Media micro-network Red Havas has announced the launch of its Red Rapid Recovery Program, a new offering that sets clients up for success in the post-COVID-19 world. The Red Havas proprietary process uses a comprehensive assessment of global and local data and insights to design programs that ensure a more rapid return to business growth and strength.

A 5-Step Sense Check for Coronavirus-Conscious Social Content

Consumption of news through social media has exploded during COVID-19 as users look to stay abreast of the pandemic. At the same time, consumption of branded content has continuously increased. Social media engagement is up by 61 percent since the outbreak struck. Among those platforms that have seen the biggest overall jumps in usage are WhatsApp (up 40 percent), Facebook (up 37 percent) and Twitter (up 23 percent).

Red Havas Releases New Predictions About What Communicators Can Expect Post-Pandemic

Today, Red Havas released our “5 Communications Trends for the COVID-19 Crisis” report, which takes a look at five trends that will shape the integrated communications landscape both currently and with a view on the recovery process.