June 11, 2020

Download Our White Paper: How Nonprofits Can Meet the Communications Challenges of a Pandemic-Altered World

by Ellen Mallernee Barnes in News

As the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic ramp up without any clear picture of what the near future holds, nonprofits are facing existential challenges. With fundraising events canceled, income streams terminated or deferred, volunteers unable to serve in person, and the world’s needs greater than ever, it’s natural for nonprofits to feel anxious about their organizations and uncertain about how to communicate with stakeholders.

But the pandemic has also served as a reminder that constraints can breed innovation. For nonprofits, this is the ultimate test of creativity and adaptability. It’s a chance for them to show donors, volunteers and communities served who they really are—how they’re taking care of people, changing their mission to align with the realities and constraints we now face, protecting employees, and building support in new ways.

Red Havas explores all of these challenges and opportunities in our newest white paper, which takes a high-level look at the landscape of nonprofit communications messaging both during and after the global pandemic. To inform our recommendations, we surveyed 20 U.S.-based nonprofits in a range of sizes, sectors and missions; reviewed third-party data from The Nonprofit Times, Nonprofit Alliance and Fidelity Charitable; analyzed nonprofit media coverage from March 1 to April 30, 2020; and conducted phone interviews with nonprofit leaders.

As a result, we developed four key takeaways for nonprofits today–and many more actionable insights to inform post-COVID communications plans, strategy and planning in 2020 and beyond. Download the white paper now.