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Our Red Hot Summer Days

To maximize our fun in the sun, Redsters get up to four extra days of PTO to unwind and adventure between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Here’s how we spent our Summer Days this year. As you’ll see from the looks on our faces, it’s a VERY cherished agency benefit.

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3 Simple Tricks for Staying Sharp in the Social Media Space

by Stacey Simon, account supervisor, Red Havas

In social media, things change by the day, even the minute. Think a feature that Twitter or Facebook has rolled out overnight, a bombshell announcement about an acquisition or IPO, or a new must-have tool poised to revolutionize social measurement. Not to mention, staying on top of the Instagram influencers du jour can be quite the task.

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How Condé Nast, Google, Coca-Cola and Other Top Companies Are Applying AI

by Linda Descano, CFA, executive vice president, and Davitha Ghiassi, executive vice president 

Until recently, the role that artificial intelligence would play within major companies remained largely uncertain—a concern for the future. But AI is no longer the sci-fi-loving step-cousin twice removed. It is now the hero child that’s been entrusted with powering many brands into their next chapter.

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Top-of-Mind Tuesday with CMO Megan Rokosh

Welcome to our Top-of-Mind Tuesday blog series. Some weeks you’ll find a crowdsourced list of what Redsters are pondering and learning and falling in love with, and other times our top-of-mind list will fit into a single theme or come from one particular Red Havas staffer.

This week, Megan Rokosh, global CMO for Red Havas and Havas Health & You, tells us what she’s been into lately.

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