Bob Woodruff Foundation: Empowering an Advocate for Our Nation’s Heroes

The Challenge

The Bob Woodruff Foundation has invested more than $57 million to date to support programs that empower impacted post-9/11 veterans, service members and their families. BWF commissioned Havas PR to handle its media relations throughout 2018, with the ambitious goals of positioning the foundation as the small but mighty engine that empowers veterans’ causes, positioning its leadership as a team of experts in the space, and telling the evolving story of BWF as it moves away from being a family-run charity and toward becoming a powerful force in the nonprofit landscape.

The Solution

Our strategy is to both maximize the ongoing news cycle and create an active news cycle around BWF itself—injecting the foundation’s statistics, insights, learnings, examples and personalities into the media landscape at every possible opportunity. This “Newsengine” approach allows us to make BWF a trusted source of information for the press and media consumers alike. We monitor the news daily for relevant events that BWF’s leadership can react to or play a part in, consult our editorial calendar for additional news opportunities, secure interviews and meetings for the leadership team, and issue regular news updates to the media about BWF’s activities.

The Results

Through 2018, Havas has secured 14 placements for BWF, including an Associated Press article covering the launch of the foundation’s partnership with the NFL, which resulted in 145 additional pieces of coverage. This equates to more than 156 million impressions and an advertising value equivalent of almost $2 million.
We’ve introduced BWF’s leadership to top-tier media titles, including The Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio.
We’ve helped the foundation’s leadership demonstrate their expertise via opportunities such as an Army Times op-ed on integrating veterans into the civilian workforce. We’ve also positioned Executive Director Anne Marie Dougherty as a thought leader through a series of interviews ranging from the Associated Press to New York news channel Fox 5.
Our work with BWF is ongoing, so these results will continue to grow!