Bringing Military Mental Health to the Forefront with a Trans-Atlantic Campaign: Heads Together

The Challenge

To get the word out in the United States about the royal family-led Heads Together campaign featuring two wounded veterans, one American and one British, who were to run back-to-back marathons tethered together to raise funds and awareness for military mental health charities

The Solution

• Interview the wounded vets, Iván Castro (whose military service left him blind) and Karl Hinett (who suffered 37 percent body burns during his service), and craft strong narratives for pitches to the media<br /> • Conduct media audits across several verticals to identify the reporters who cover sports, the military, the royal family, philanthropy and the two races—the Boston Marathon and Virgin Money London Marathon—and line up interviews<br /> • Generate additional buzz by taking advantage of cornerstone events leading up to the marathons, including the veterans throwing the first pitch at a Red Sox game, accompanied by a good-luck video from Prince Harry<br /> • Engage Heads Together’s partners, celebrities and other donors to contribute to the cause and share the message via their channels on social media<br /> • Create a partnership with Fox News on social media to push out posts leading up to, during and following the marathons on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram<br />

The Results