Appealing to Younger Eyes: Transitions Change Agents

The Challenge

Transitions Optical Inc., the leading supplier of photochromic eyeglass lenses that automatically adjust in changing outdoor conditions, had its eye on broadening appeal for its lenses. Red Havas North America needed to create a campaign that overhauled its image for a younger audience. Our PR objective was to find a way to change the conversations that eye care professionals are having with their peers and patients around Transitions lenses—and to show more single-vision wearers that Transitions lenses can be just what they’re looking for. Specifically, we aimed to increase the number of positive social posts and blog posts mentioning Transitions lenses among eye care professionals who are millennials or serve many millennial patients.

The Solution

We recruited 25 eyecare professionals practicing across the U.S. and Canada to become the influential faces of our effort. The Transitions Change Agents, as we named them, were incentivized with free Transitions lenses fittings, invitations to Transitions Academy (the company’s annual industry meeting), professional networking opportunities, custom Snapchat Specs fitted with Transitions lenses to capture video, and support for growing their networks and influence. Among their responsibilities were to take on monthly challenges, such as filming an “unboxing video” of a new product they received as a sample or sharing their experience with the Transitions Snapchat Lens virtual try-on. We also asked Change Agents to create content that we pitched to optical trade media, incorporated their content into the brand’s social media calendars and created a Change Agent-authored style guide to promote new products.

The Results

The Change Agents produced 1,062 posts and 32,803 engagements (comments, likes, shares)—creating an 86 percent increase in engagement year-over-year.

Change Agent–initiated Facebook and Instagram “takeovers” for the Transitions Facebook pages at Transitions Academy and Vision Expo, an optical trade show.

Change Agent content featured in nine articles in key print and online trade publications, resulting in 736,815 impressions.