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Listen to James Wright on PR Council’s ‘Agencies of the Future’ Podcast

As an agency, how do we help clients navigate the modern media landscape?

Borderless ideas are key, says Red Havas Global CEO James Wright, whose episode of the PR Council’s “Agencies of the Future” podcast aired today. James told host Kim Sample that the people at an agency are critical to executing these ideas flawlessly—and here at Red Havas, everyone is given the opportunity to maximize their own potential.

“The future is promised to no one type of agency,” James told PR Council. “It’s no longer about earned, owned, shared and paid—but about looking at how all of those come together.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

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What Is Merged Media? It’s the Future of PR

by James Wright, Global CEO of Red Havas; Global Chairman of Havas PR Global Collective

The lines of communications—earned, owned, shared and paid—aren’t just crossing. They’re merging. More than 60 percent of public relations leaders, CEOs and students surveyed in 2019 say that within five years the average person will not be able to make a distinction between paid, earned, shared and owned media when consuming information.

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