September 24, 2019

What I Learned at My Red Havas Internship

by Ellen Mallernee Barnes in News

by Julia Baird

After I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, I was looking for my next adventure, and a month-and-a-half later I started my PR journey with an internship at Red Havas’ Pittsburgh office.

My first day I was given a tour, a laptop and lunch with my mentors; then began the meetings and projects.

Here are a few of the many things I’ve learned as a summer intern with the agency:

A whole new skill set

As an intern, I was able to work on projects for clients in different industries. I learned to monitor social media and how to audit, which bettered my research skills. I was also taught how to use media monitoring tools such as Cision and Brandwatch. I was excited to delve into the work, but there was a learning curve, and my coworkers were understanding and helpful. Their guidance was key in helping me grow and refine my skills.

How to work in a fast-paced environment

Redsters move at a fast pace; I was never bored at my desk. I was utilized, put onto teams and thrown onto projects. Even when I created a to-do list, it was never predictable. Often, more urgent projects would arise. Through this experience, I refined my time management skills and became agile about organizing my workload. Having a calendar and notebook ready was the best way to manage my time and organize my tasks so nothing got left behind.

The joy of teamwork

Teamwork is a large part of working in this office. Throughout my internship, I saw the camaraderie of the Red Havas Pittsburgh team and experienced a healthy and enjoyable work environment. My coworkers gave me professional advice and industry tips that will help my career. Not only seeing, but being part of, the project brainstorms and drafting stages helped improve my communication skills and teamwork abilities. 

Interning with Red Havas was an amazing opportunity. I was given a hands-on learning experience, invited to office events and to sit in on client calls. I felt very much like I was part of the team. Now, I’m thrilled to continue my PR journey as an official Redster Fellow.

Welcome to the team, Julia!