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7 Tips from Branding Experts on Operating at the Intersection of Purpose and Experience

by Linda Descano, CFA, Executive Vice President, Red Havas

Brands are under the spotlight like never before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent protests of persistent systemic racial inequity and injustice.

Boardrooms—real and virtual—have become war rooms. Brands have had to decide how to keep the wheels turning, how to keep their companies aligned to ideals around purpose and whether to stay on the sidelines or to engage. And, if they are going to engage, whether to lead or to follow.

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It’s Been 125 Days Since Our Lives Changed Forever—What Does It All Mean for Communicators?

by James Wright, Global CEO Red Havas & Global Chairman, Havas PR Global Collective 

When my agency released our annual Red Sky Predictions report at the end of February, I couldn’t know how prescient two of the 2020 predictions would be. We forecast not only that brands would be anchoring themselves in purpose like never before but also that they would be increasingly put in the uncomfortable position of having to articulate their political and social values to their customers.

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Live from the Roundtable: Crisis Communication in Practice

Last week, Redsters Linda Descano and Lesley Sillaman joined crisis and leadership experts Shannelle Armstrong Fowler, adjunct professor of brand strategy, consumer behavior and marketing at Columbia College Chicago; Henna Inam, CEO of Transformational Leadership and author of Wired for Disruption and Wired for Authenticity; and Dino Delic, director of executive deliverables at Meltwater, for the third part of a panel discussion about leadership in crisis.

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10 Tips from Expert Communicators on Leading Through Crisis

by Linda Descano, CFA®, Executive Vice President, Red Havas, and Lesley Sillaman, Senior Vice President, Red Havas

How CEOs behave during crises as leaders—and as humans—will set up brands and businesses for their greatest chance of success and growth in the long term. As such, there’s never been a better time for leaders to hone their communications skills. We recently collected and analyzed examples of how top executives are demonstrating best practices for communication during the COVID-19 crisis, which we shared in a white paper, Leading Through Crisis: Communications Lessons and Opportunities.

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Leading Through Crisis: Communications Lessons and Opportunities

“Keep calm and carry on,” stated the British government to boost morale and prepare its civilians for attacks during World War II. That authentic message has transcended generations and is now being used as a mantra for mental strength as we continue our battle against COVID-19. Finding the right message and striking the right tone are what help us act positively together.

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Download Our White Paper: How Nonprofits Can Meet the Communications Challenges of a Pandemic-Altered World

As the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic ramp up without any clear picture of what the near future holds, nonprofits are facing existential challenges. With fundraising events canceled, income streams terminated or deferred, volunteers unable to serve in person, and the world’s needs greater than ever, it’s natural for nonprofits to feel anxious about their organizations and uncertain about how to communicate with stakeholders.

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